Indian Bridal Trousseau : Part 2


Okay, Let’s seriously take a moment to appreciate the beauty, this room is. Yes, it is a hundreds of years old haveli within the Jaisalmer Fort ( the only living fort in India ) and I’ve lived it. 🙂

Hello everyone, how are we doing and coping with the new weather in town?? Winters have officially entered Delhi and I am hoping to have a good time with it during the upcoming three months. Also it’s the wedding season, that time of the year when we all have a number of weddings and functions to attend and rejoice. I started the Indian Bridal Trousseau series HERE and it was high time to post another one on it.

So here we go. . but before that, just a little background story about the location. Living in Delhi, which is a city full of history and heritage we are surrounded by monuments and forts where legends have lived and even putting a thought on what kind of life they would have enjoyed in there, seems like a luxury to me. So, on one of our very recent trip to Jaisalmer which has the The Only Living Fort of India a.k.a “Jaisalmer Fort” we decided to grab this golden opportunity and picked up this beautiful, truly royal full of old style heritage rooms haveli inside the Living Fort. #livingdreams 


Call it Rani Pink or Magenta , I think that this colour simply lights up the scene. So, aim for it in whatever form that pleases you.


The laser cut detailing on the hem line of the shirt as well as of the dupatta makes this suit a stand out. N yes, those clouds on the wall are hand painted in the interiors of the bedroom #gorgeous


The gold accents and the Indian bride , these are two inseparable terms and a trend that will never lose its charm and glory.


And the always intriguing interesting backs of indian wear. Make effortless statement there !


What do you do sitting by a picturesque window shelf like this ?? You smile 🙂


A full view of the suit. And yes, that CHAIR deserves a picture of it’s own. #love


Until next time 🙂

Hope you liked !!

Outfit details :

Suit – SHADES, Rajouri Garden ( INR 5,500 )

Location courtesy : Hotel Suraj Haveli

Thank you for being here.

Peace & Love ♥

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Being Touristy in Jaisalmer : Kuldhara & Bada Bagh



Welcome to Kuldhara ! The mysterious abandoned village, 17 kms west of Jaisalmer.

Hi everyone 🙂 Thank you for your love on my Being Touristy in Jaipur : Nahargarh Fort post and here I am serving you one more #beingtouristy because, my mission is to  push you off from your comfy home or office seats to the bumpy yet adventurous space of travel boards. They say it so right – “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” So, save some money if you don’t have already and buy some experiences that travelling brings you.


Once a very wealthy and prosperous town inhabited by the Paliwal Brahmins , the Kuldhara village today stands abandoned with the word mystery written all over it.


So then, what happened to all of them?? Well as the story goes, all of the residents of Kuldhara along with the nearby 83 villages vanished overnight in 1825. If that’s not mysterious, what else is??


This is a house like structure which has been renovated to give the tourists coming here an insight into what the houses here looked like which I found not at all relatable. It looked very urban to me. But, what really happened that made them leave their own homes like this? Legend says that, the dewan or the PM “Salim Singh” of the town had a lecherous eye on the Brahmin chief’s daughter and wanted to marry her.


But, rather than giving away to the evil desires of Salim Singh, the village council decided to leave their homes overnight as they didn’t have any army to fight against him. Now, that’s what I call some real decision making !!


But before leaving, the Brahmins cursed Kuldhara so that no one would ever be able to settle there. #TooMuchToHandle There is nothing much to see in Kuldhara except the ruins, but definitely a story to hear. 😉 Behind me is the ancient temple of the village which too of course, has been renovated.

On the same evening, we visited another popular tourist destination nearly 6 kms north of Jaisalmer – “The Royal Cenotaphs” a.k.a. “Bada Bagh“. Trust me you, this place has the best sunset in and around Jaisalmer. I highly recommend this place. Here, sharing the beauty that Bada Bagh is 🙂


This place houses chhatris or royal cenotaphs of the Maharajas of Jaisalmer state.


The combination of the domes and arches make it the perfect example of beautiful architecture.


It has also witnessed a lot of bollywood shoots. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam , Tashan , Dhai Akshar Prem ke are some hindi movie names which fall under the list. 🙂


The overall symmetry of this place is impeccable !!


In my view, it is THE place to unwind and relax after a busy day of sightseeing.


How often do you get to see the coming together of royal heritage with a history of its own and the modern age technology of wind turbines. #Rare


Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully. ~ Kristen Butler


Until next time !

That’s all from my side for these two places. And yes, both these places have entry tickets. So, if you plan to visit Jaisalmer and somehow you are able to manage only one of these two places, I would recommend to not skipBada Bagh“. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post, would love to hear from you.

Outfit details :

Strappy Crop top – H&M ( old purchase ) , Distressed Jeans – Ginger by Lifestyle ( INR 1,599 / 800 ) , Black Belt – Club Factory ( INR 150 ) , Dupatta worn as a shrug – ( INR 150 ) here is the video link , Kohlapuri chappal – Bought it from Amritsar, you can easily get these anywhere ( around INR 300 ) , Earings – Janpath ( INR 200 ) , Bag – Gifted , Sunglasses – Forever 21  ( INR 400 )

Love & Peace ♥

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Being Touristy in Jaipur : Nahargarh Fort

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-14 at 11.57.31

Hi there !

How are you all doing ?? And where all are you going ?? I hope all good places. 🙂 “For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson.


Jaipur, the capital and the largest city of royal Rajasthan is a charmer by nature. Nahargarh Fort is perched on the edges of the Aravalli range, overlooking the pink city of Jaipur.


Originally named Sudarshangarh, the story goes that the fort was named after Nahar Singh Bhomia, a dead prince whose restless spirit was disrupting the construction of this place. Whatever was built in the day crumbled in the night. That is quite nerve racking.


Nahar’s spirit was pacified by building a temple in his memory within the fort and also the fort was named after him to appease the ghost. After that, the construction went on smoothly.


The Fort was primarily built for defence purposes but it was never attacked by enemies. Built in 1734 and extended in 1868, this sturdy fort overlooks the city from a sheer ridge to the north.


The most spectacular part of the Fort is the Madhavendra Bhawan built by Sawai Madho Singh, a two-storey building which has identical suites for the king and his twelve queens.


There are stunning frescoes in the interior of the building which looked truly amazing.


Another shot of one of the queen’s room. Truly regal feels !


There are connecting hallways to the different rooms. It is said that the rooms for the queens were built in such a way that when the king visited one of the queens, others could not find about it. #beingsneaky


Nahargarh Fort is also a popular film shooting location. Some of the films shot here include Rang De Basanti and Jodha Akbar. RDB was my driving force to this place. 😉


I don’t know what was this doing in the palace courtyard. :p


The rooftop of this palace is everything. You have to get to the top and see it to believe it. It leaves you spellbound and did I mention that this place offers you one of the best sunset in Jaipur? Yes, it does.


Besides the Madhavendra Palace, you will also find a couple of restaurants , A wax museum & sheesh mahal which have separate entry tickets ( which in my opinion do not hold any historical relevance ), yeah i skipped it. :p Also, there is a stepwell or baodi which you cannot go into. Sad 😦


” The locals “

Until next time 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Outfit – BIBA

Peace & love 🎈🎈

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Indian Bridal Trousseau : Part 1


Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Hi guys, how are you all ?? I am so thrilled to be sharing this series with you finally. And before everything else, in case you are wondering what Benjamin Franklin meant by that saying ~ “Keep your eyes wide open before marriage” meaning the yet-to-be married should look for someone to be ultimately happy with, “Half shut afterwards” meaning only focus on your spouse and no one else after you’re married. I couldn’t agree more with him, such a wise man !

Coming to today’s post, “Trousseau” is a french word which simply means ‘the personal possessions of a bride usually including clothes, accessories, household linens and wares’.  We are talking all that shopping ladies ! 😀 Now, the main and the most important component of that whole crazy yet fascinating process of wedding shopping is the clothes. As important as is your wedding dress, what you wear afterwards to family dinners, social gatherings, almost every time you step of the house can become a real task. My way to go about that is : Invest in different styles and colours that you didn’t wear or carry already on your wedding functions. Variety in your closet is the thing that you will need for multiple occasions and callings. Trust me, it is the way to go ! 🙂


A peachy floor length anarkali suit is a sure shot way to elegantly drift through any event where you want to look soft yet enigmatic.


An interesting back which can be as simple as a keyhole would always add that oomph factor to your whole look.


A closer look at the details of the dress – it has rose designed work all over which is definitely not OTT or flashy.


Chandbali earings such as these are a must have in your jewelry box. Be ready to catch those flying compliments ! 🙂


Did you know – It’s a sin to not twirl in flares ?? :p


Wearing your hair properly is no less important as it only enhances and uplifts your whole look. Here is some hairstyle inspo for you. 🙂


Confidence ! No matter what you are wearing, it will all look shabby if you are not carrying confidence. And of course, add a pair of heels to #OwnIt.


Until next time you guys :*

I hope you enjoyed the read. More are coming up. 🙂

Outfit details :

Suit – SHADES, Rajouri Garden ( INR 6,500 ) , Earings – Thrifted ( INR 200 ) , Clutch – Tilak Nagar Mkt. ( INR 800 ) , Heels – Rajouri Garden Mkt. ( INR 300 )

Thank you for being here.

Peace & Love ♥

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The Pathani Kurta : 2 Ways


1 Kurta : 2 Ways

A bigg hello to all .. 🙂 I am back with another of my favourite kind of posts. Styling items of clothing in different ways, to create versatile looks is one of my favourite things to do in life ( you can read my jumpsuit story here and 1 dress : 4 ways here ). And trust me, it isn’t a difficult task. You see, the creators create when they imagine something, the buyers buy while imagining something and guess what, they all imagine differently. Those somethings that they imagine, they vary.. one would dream about a top with a skirt while the other would ride in it with a pair of good old jeans.

That is the science of Styling ! And, that’s one Science I would love to do a P.H.d in. We’ll leave that for some other time though. Coming to today’s centrepiece of this post – The Pathani Kurta.


What makes a kurta , the pathani kurta ?? Well, there are two main ingredients for that – the stiff collar neck and the sturdy shoulder straps. Also, a front pocket patch can be easily spotted on a typical pathani kurta.

It was another regular day of surfing the net and scrolling through numerous online fashion shopping sites, when I came across this rusty orange kurta and within a couple of minutes I could imagine how I can totally style it up and wear it on different occasions. Next thing I did – Add to cart. #guiltypleasures 😉


The colour, the high-low cut, the front slit and the button down advantage of this kurta shirt is a total win-win deal !

I styled this kurta in two basic ways – desi & pardesi 😉 . Both of them are so easy to carry and yet they make the heads turn. Let’s, get on to the deets now !!


For the desi/Indian look, I went ahead with creating a monochromatic look. Adding salwar pants and juttis of similar colour palette was quite refreshing to me. To add more colours to the whole look, I carried this colourful floral embroidery clutch in the front.


What’s a desi look without some baubles and danglers. In an attempt to add some more of a different colour to the whole look, I added these emerald coloured earings and ring. This is actually one of the great advantages of wearing solid colour clothing items. You can experiment so much in terms of accessories.


“Make it simple, but significant.” — Don Draper


Coming to the second look that I created, the urban working woman was on my mind. Add solid cream pants, slip into nude heels and hang that wine sling. We’re done! 🙂


A layered necklace under the collar adds more character to the look that I wish to achieve here.


“Buy less, choose well.” — Vivienne Westwood


Until next time guys 🙂

There are definitely even more ways to wear this piece and I am sure each one of you would wear it your way but what’s important is to “Own It”. When you wear any item of clothing, it must reflect who you truly are. You can be the free spirited bohemian or the always neatly dressed good girl. Whoever you truly are, let your style reflect that. Don’t shy away for shame is for the weak.

Outfit details :

Kurta – All About You ( INR 999 / 499 ) buy it here , Salwar – Fabindia ( INR 590 ) buy it here , Emerald & pink ring – Bling bag , Clutch box sling – Janpath ( INR 350 ) , Cream pants – Forever 21 ( very old ) , Nude pumps – Reliance Footprint , Wine sling bag –  Sarojini Nagar Market ( INR 500 ) , Layered Necklace – KOOVS ( INR 280 )

Thank you so much for reading till the end.

Hugs & Kisses ♥

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Being touristy in Delhi : Humayun’s Tomb

“Denim Refresh”


Hi there 🙂 Here I am standing at the very first garden-tomb of India.

How is everyone doing in every part of the World ?? The transitional weather caught me and I am not doing well health wise but, I should be fine in a couple of days. I hope you guys are cautious enough to stay at the best of your being.

Now, besides fashion if there is one thing which excites and inspires my living, it’s travel (no points for guessing). And by the word “travel” I am not implying the long distance journeys necessarily. Even a day out to a place that has some story to tell would make my day as much as that long trip to the hills. I love going out and exploring different places and I am sure, most of us share this common interest.


The humongous Humayun’s tomb. It is also known as the “dormitory of the Mughals” as over 150 Mughal family members are buried in it’s cells.

Now, just before me falling sick this week me and my husband decided to visit this exemplary work of architecture and soak in it’s beauty. None of us is really a history buff but that doesn’t stop us from taking out time and witnessing the marvels around us.


UNESCO declared the tomb a World Heritage Site in 1993. 🙂 Gives us another reason to visit!


The tomb was designed by a Persian architect named, Mirak Mirza Ghiyath. Persian and Indian craftsmen worked together to build the garden-tomb, far grander than any tomb built before in the Islamic world.


Built in 1560’s, the persian-islamic combined architecture served as an inspiration in the design of “Taj Mahal” which was built almost 80 years later in the 1640’s.


We all remember how a husband “Shah Jahan” built Taj Mahal in the loving memory of his wife “Mumtaz”. But only a few of us are aware of “Bega Begum” a wife who built the Humayun’s Tomb in the memory of her husband “Humayun”. Love is all around.


Humayun’s garden-tomb is an example of the charbagh (a four quadrant garden with the four rivers of Quranic paradise represented), with pools joined by channels.


A beautiful sunset viewed from one of it’s gardens. This picture deserves a frame.


Until next time you guys.

Please let me know in the comments if you would like to read more of such posts. I really look forward to your feedback. 🙂

Outfit details :

Net top ( INR 150 ) & denim dungaree dress ( INR 300 ) both from Sarojini Nagar Market , Belly shoes – Allen Solly ( INR 1,699 / 1,000 ) buy it here

Thankyou for reading !

Hugs & Kisses ♥

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Let’s talk Rumi !


“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ~ Jalaluddin Rumi

Hi guys 🙂

How is September treating you?? Well for me personally, a huge part of “how my day was?” depends on the weather. And, these days Delhi’s weather seems a bit confused as there are breezy mornings on some days and the other days would be just hot and boring. However, the crazy insanely hot summers that we experience here are saying their goodbyes and I am loving it.

Coming to today’s post, I decided to share with you guys my love for a poet, whose words never fail to touch my soul. The great Persian poet, commonly called “Rumi” in English, his full name is Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Balkhī or Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī.

I will not be talking about his historical background but, what I’ll be doing is quoting some his best words that talk of inspiration, love and finding the true meaning of life.

Gear up for feeding your soul !


“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” ~ Jalaluddin Rumi


“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.” ~ Jalaluddin Rumi


“Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.” ~ Jalaluddin Rumi


“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” ~ Jalaluddin Rumi


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Jalaluddin Rumi

About the look :

I paired up this flary floral skirt with an off-shoulder peplum top. I think that, peplum tops compliment the skirts so well that all of you must give it a try, if you haven’t ever. You will not regret. Try it with a straight maxi skirt, a flary skirt or a pencil one. There are so many ways to try out the peplum & skirt combination. Now, keeping in mind the going off summers I chose to put on my chelsea boots and for accessories just a tribal coin and tassels detailed necklace to give more definition to the look.

Now, you can be completely fall/autumn ready with the same look by simply throwing upon a long shrug or light cardigan over it. Scroll down for it.


“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop” ~Jalaluddin Rumi

I would like to end this post with one of my most favourite of his words :


“What you seek is seeking you.” ~ Jalaluddin Rumi

Until next time you guys. Do leave a comment if you enjoyed this post. I would definitely want to know what you guys want to read more of. 🙂

Outfit details :

Top – Koovs ( INR 1,195 / 600 ) buy it here , Skirt –  Sarojini Nagar Market ( INR 150 ) , Boots – Forever 21 ( old purchase ) buy similar here or from anywhere honestly , Shrug –  Sarojini Nagar Market ( INR 150 )

Jewellery :

Necklace –  Janpath ( INR 250 ) , Rings – Call It Spring

Thankyou for your constant support guys.

Love & Peace ♥

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Athleisure : Feminine take on the trend

Hi guys 🙂


Long time, no see !

How are you all doing ?? I know I’ve been missing from the blog for quite some time. But, I am back and I have a lot of things planned up for you all to see and enjoy.

Today, I bring to you a trend that has been on the streets for a long time now. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when the activewear or athleisure trend became the business casual but the word officially entered the US Merriam Webster dictionary in April last year, defined as “casual clothing to be worn for exercising and for general use”.


Athleisure is the new casual


It’s the type of gear you can use in the gym and walk to the pub in.


Today, people are buying sports clothing for non sports use. A rising number of people are wearing sportswear to the office, shops and dinners.


I decided to make the whole look a little feminine by adding this fit and flare beautifully embroidered top. That’s just my way to go about it. I like mixing up things and creating my own version.


Its all a process. Athleisure trend is basically the consequence of the white sneakers trend that took the whole world by storm. You see, one thing leads to another. 🙂


From workouts to hangouts. Until next time you guys.

I hope you enjoyed my version of this not-going-to-end-soon Athleisure trend. Do let me know in the comments below of what you think of it.

Outfit details :

Top – Sarojini Nagar Market ( INR 150 ) , Pants – ZARA ( INR 1,890 ) , Shoes – Kin’s, Sarojini Nagar Market ( INR 500 ) , Bag – Lino Perros ( Old purchase )

Thankyou for being here.

Hustle & bustle !

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Independence Day outfit

Hi everyone.. 🙂

India is witnessing its 70th year of independence this 15th of August and I am still seeking mine ( getting a little personal today). In my opinion, independence is a very subjective word. For a nation as a whole, it might mean freedom from oppressiveness whereas for the countrymen of the same, it might mean a zillion other things as well.


In today’s post, I’ll be talking about the little things that constitute my independent world.


To be free like a bird is something that I’ve always wished for. I mean walking is cool but flying is cooler 😉 Jokes apart, by this what I mean to suggest is the freedom to go anywhere anytime ( how about seeing the night life of your town )


Blurring the boundaries. How I wish this whole world was one nation, and all of us were it’s citizens. Can you imagine?? ” No racism, No wars, No bloodshed. “


When I read about the history of places, I read about the men who ruled and men who saved. And then and there I hope that one day, there will be no rulers but only givers. I wish that, rich will not become richer on the cost of making the poor poorer. We are still being ruled over by the government. I seriously believe that, more is being taken from us than what is given to us. And I wait for a real sunrise.


In today’s fast pace world, people seem to carry their sensitivity in their back pockets which they never tend to take out. They think it’s a weak sign, a wrong signal which , if given to the world would screw their social image. It is what they have been taught, people are taught competition which has no space for compassion. I wish for a more sensitive world that would give our lives more meaning rather than just some material things.


I am so not a fan of our current education system. Actually, where is the system when so many of those young bloods are begging out there on the road instead of attending a school. Are we really a free country?? What are we free of, I wonder . .


Until next time !


Dear India , Happy Independence !

I would like to know, what independence means to you. Please leave a comment.

Outfit details :

White vest – Marks & Spencer ( INR 499 p.s. it is the softest fabric ) buy it here , Fringed multi jacket – Sarojini Nagar Market  ( INR 200 ) , Scarf tied as a belt – I don’t remember the details of it , Jeggings – Marks & Spencer ( quite old ) , Kohlapuri chappal – Bought it from Amritsar, you can easily get these anywhere ( around INR 300 ) , Bag – Dilli Haat ( around INR 300 ) , Mirror Ring –  Dilli Haat (INR 150 )

Thank you so much for reading till the end.

Hope & Faith ♥

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Raksha Bandhan / Rakhi Outfits : Edit 2

“The White Shirt”


For the love of white

Hi guys 🙂  A big shoutout to all you guys for all the love so far. I am genuinely grateful to all of you for taking out time and clicking on that link that leads you here to this blog. To each and every one of you – Thank you ♥


That’s what you guys bring to me. Infinite happiness 😀

Now coming to today’s post, I am going to ask you to name me one person who doesn’t own a White Shirt . I bet you can’t name even one. We all own this white garment and it never fails to adorn us. We love wearing it to work with our pants, to casual outings with jeans, to Raksha Bandhan with an ethnic skirt….. Wait…. Whaatt?? Wearing a White Shirt on Raksha Bandhan . . Whyyy??  Because, why not !! 😉


It’s clean, fresh, makes a statement and adds a charm. Everything you need, this Raksha Bandhan.

A white shirt can take your style game up by a notch, without you even trying to. So, in case you are looking for a style this festive season, that is effortless yet stands out. You know what to do. 😉 Scroll for more pics ↓


I paired my white with pink. However, you can pick any colour , because what not goes with white. But, I would suggest that you go for the brighter colour palette keeping in mind the festivities.


This particular white shirt of mine has a tie-knot detail in the front (which I just absolutely adore). And, look at that floral embroidered clutch. It all just looks like a match made in heaven to me. 😀


I decided to dress up the whole look with this beautiful necklace (that I had bought as part of my wedding trousseau) . How to wear a necklace with a Shirt? Always, under the collar darling. 🙂

IMG_20170801_124215 (1)

About the skirt : I had bought it last year around Diwali, and wore it with a blue kurta creating a beautiful contrast. Now, this skirt is full length if worn mid-waist. But for the current look I wore it higher, right where the tie-knot detailing was given in my shirt. Btw, my husband was more than amused when he saw the skirt like this. But he’s always like that so, it’s all okay. :p


Unitl next time you guys :*

I hope you liked what you saw and I really wish that you would try out this look to see for yourself, what all magic your White Shirt can do. Also, please leave a comment to let me know of your reactions. I love your comments, always waiting for them. ♥♥

Outfit details :

Tie-knot detail White Shirt – Vero Moda ( INR 1,999 / 840 ) buy it here and here , Skirt – Soundarya ( INR 999 / 600 ) , but recently I have been seeing this skirt in all possible colours everyewhere in Delhi markets (that too at affordable prices) buy it herehere

here Golden glitter belly flats –  Tilak Nagar market ( INR 300 )

Accessories :

Necklace – Part of a set ( got in my Wedding trousseau ) , Clutch box – Janpath ( INR 350 ) , Ring – Janpath ( INR 70 )

Thank you so much for reading till the end.

Hugs & kisses ♥

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Raksha Bandhan / Rakhi Outfits : Edit 1

” Colour Burst “

IMG_20170729_121949 (2)

Boldly be a ” pop of colour ” in a black & white world.

Hi everyone.. 🙂  How are you all doing? I am guessing here that, you guys are all set to enjoy the weekend and also making plans and doing all sort of preparations for the upcoming month’s festivities. Yess.. in a week’s time we all would be cherishing the siblings bond and then a week later, the feeling of patriotism will sink in.

There is something about both these festivals i.e. Raksha bandhan and The Independence Day that evokes emotions inside amongst us Indians. And more than a celebration, these two festivals are a way of expression of love that we have for our brothers/sisters and our nation.

And , who doesn’t wants to look good while going through all those overwhelming emotions and celebrating life in all its glory. Well.. I certainly do.


Nature wears the colours of the spirit. And that makes me wonder, if my spirit is multicoloured.

Keeping in mind that, Raksha bandhan is just round the corner I decided to come up with a Raksha bandhan outfits series. And, this is the first edit of the series wherein I am going colour burst. Btw, this is what I am all about in real life too because, #ilovecolours . Nuff said, let’s roll down to the pics ⇓


Fun fact : Do you know that this purple thing that I am wearing (put aside the orange pants) is actually a maxi dress with a high slit in the front?? The nexxt pic will explain my words here.


This is the original style of the dress. It has this hiiiiiigh slit in the front that goes up to your navel. Also it has 3/4th sleeves that you can’t see as I rolled it up & pinned it under the frills. 😀


Now, I had decided that I will be creating a fusion look using this dress. But, the question that remained was “How”.


The answer to the “How” came in the form of these bright orange palazzo pants & dupatta that I had as a matching to some other suit in my closet. I just loved the thought of pairing these two contrasting colours together. ❤


While putting up together this look, I tucked in the maxi right from the high slit point from both sides to give some way out to the pants. Also, I just tied the dupatta round my neck and left it at the back. And, did I love the outcome.. ❤


Finally, in terms of jewelry I just added a piece of beautiful orange statement earings that I have and used it as a tika. 🙂


As they say, Go bold or Go home ! Finished off the look with some copper stilettos.


Until next time . . 🙂

That was it from this look. If you enjoyed reading the colour burst that I created, please leave a comment to let me know of it. I love reading your comments over here and I reply to each one of them too.

You guys have been extremely sweet & supportive. Keep colouring my life! 🙂

Outfit details :

Purple maxi dress – Femella (INR 1,590 / 800) from Koovs but the same is no longer available there. However, I’ve found you some sites where the same dress is available in the colour blush pink. You can buy it here , here , here & here

Do check out Femella for some great designs in dresses.

Orange pants & dupatta – part of a suit

Orange earings used as tika – gifted

Copper stilettos – Westside ( quite old )



Hariyali Teej : A tale of Shiva & Parvati


To Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati

Hi everyone.. 😀 Welcome to the first Indianwear post on my blog. I am sooo.. excited to be sharing this today. Now, we all are aware of the festival Teej that is celebrated across northern and western parts of India but did you know that it is also an observed celebration in Nepal? 🙂 Well, I got to know about it recently and it made me realize that, no matter how many differences borders create, we are all connected through that universal source of life a.k.a God.


Om Namah Shivay

This post is a little different from my previous ones as I will be taking you through the story behind – Why Teej is celebrated as a festival? I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I am doing while creating it. 🙂 Let’s go !


According to Hindu mythology, Teej marks the occasion of Goddess Parvati coming to the abode of Lord Shiva as his consort.


Most of us know about Parvati but Shiva has many wives. Sati was his first consort. Now some followers of Shiva say that Sati was Shiva’s first wife and Parvati was his second wife. Others say that, Parvati is actually a reincarnation of Sati.


In an effort to win his love, Goddess Parvati decided to do the toughest of penance in the forest.


There are also stories that indicate that Goddess Parvati was shunned by the Lord due to her dark skin.


And then, Lord Brahma was moved by her penance and granted her the wish of immense beauty.


Enchanted with the beauty that Goddess Parvati now possessed, Lord Shiva fell in love with her and they got married.


Teej honours the devotion of Goddess Parvati and the womenfolk seek her blessings for their husband’s long life and a happy marital status.


Until next time 🙂


Outfit details :

Green top – CODE ( INR 599 / 500 ) , Green skirt – Ajio ( INR 1,299 / 650 ) buy it here ,  Yellow dupatta – very old , Golden slim belt – Janpath ( INR 150 )

Jewelery – Tilak Nagar market ( INR 500 )

Thanks for reading.

Hugs & kisses ♥

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1 Dress : 3+1=4 Ways

Hi everyone 🙂

How have you all been? First of all, big apologies for being absent for so long. Honestly, I was dying to put up another post over here but something or the other kept me at bay from blogging. But, here I am today feeling abundant with joy while I put up this post. 😀


You see what I am talking 😀

Now, only I know how much positive feedback I got when I did the post on “How you can style 1 Jumpsuit in 2 effective ways” Read it here . So I realized one thing that, no matter how many pretty clothing line you own in your closet, you want to wear each and every piece that you own, in all the beautiful ways possible for it to be worn. And there comes my idea for my next post. Another “How to style” edit wherein, I will be styling a dress in different ways.


Here is a glimpse of my dress that, I will be styling in this post. The mint colour & cutout at back is ❤

Also, on recommendation of a dear friend – from this post onwards, I am going to start mentioning the cost price of all things that will be displayed in my blog posts. Hope, it helps you guys in some way. 🙂 I will be doing it in the outfit details section at the end of each post.

Today, I’ve got you covered for the following occassions with that one dress of yours :-

  1. Brunch date / Movie date
  2. Holiday mode
  3. Work meets (yes, work meetings in a dress !)
  4. Party mode (I have only a couple of shots for this one as, the rest couldn’t make the final cut)

Enough said ! Let’s get to the looks now –


What’s on the menu today? The Brunch Look !


You can easily carry off this look to a movie date without going OTT.



Get the look – Put on that dress, throw upon a scarf and make some use of that slim belt.


Ohh.. and some comfy heels would only add more class to the whole look. Try it before you buy it. 🙂

Scroll down for Look # 2. OK I don’t know what was it but, the moment I got into this look I was just jumping and bouncing. I didn’t know what else to do other than that. I think the holiday mode literally got me in. 😉


Shut up & bounce !


We are going to Ibiza ! Vengaboyz anyone ? 😀


Finally, I got some hold of myself. Actually I am trying to be a good kid so that I don’t get left out for that coming holiday trip. 😉


Get the look – Put on that dress ( always 😉 ) , throw upon it an oversized shirt and let that broad belt do what it does best – hold everything up together !


New love details ❤


I have come to terms with life – paint your nails yellow and wear a shiny colourful head band. #happinessforever

Here comes the look # 3. Next time you have to rush to a work meeting and you feel nothing right about what to wear, try out the dress-over-pants trend. It’s fresh and easy. Lately, there has been a trend of wearing a dress over pants ( pants here could mean trousers as well as jeans ). It is not visibly there on the streets yet but, I believe that it will take it’s own time to become popular among the masses. I tried it to show you that, this can be done and must be given a try at least. 🙂


Work those pants like a girl boss !


Keep it crisp and fresh with tailored straight fit trousers in subtle colours.


What you wear and how you wear speaks volumes about you. So, make sure you wear some class.


Details ! Btw I wore the same footwear and carried the same sling for this look as I did for look #1. But, I feel it completed the look here more.


As Marilyn Monroe said – “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

Now, I just have one or two pics of this fourth look to show you guys (sorry 😦 ) . I tried a lot but trust me you guys, even the 08:00 a.m. sun was scorching us like we are in for some fry. I promise I would do even earlier shoot next time. For now, this is all that I have for you for the look # 4.


Going all black for the party !


I chose to pair this dress with black embellished tights and black kitten heels. I think it did my purpose.


Can you feel the heat ?? Well I was burning !

Finally, we come to the end of this long post. You just saw how I love styling my outfits in different ways and I know that you too love doing that. So, if you have any particular requests regarding styling a piece of clothing or any other fashion related query, Plz do leave a comment in the section provided. I would love to hear from you about which one of the following was your favourite.


Until next time 🙂

Also, I have to emphasise on one thing and that is investing in good versatile pieces of fashion. I love to shop like any other fashion lover but I mostly spend on such pieces which are simple yet, make a statement. So, next time you go shopping try to keep in mind that if what you are buying can go with more than a couple of looks or not. It really helps. 🙂

Outfit details :

Mint dress – H&M ( INR 1,299 / 350 ) on sale 😉

Look # 1 …. Black scarf – Sarojini Nagar market ( INR 50 ) , Red slim belt – ( INR 795 / 304 ) buy it here , Sling bag – Some export house in gurgaon ( INR 600 ) , Blue & beige wedges – Westside ( INR 1,199 ) buy it here  it’s on 40% off right now, lucky sizes.

Look # 2 …. Denim oversized shirt – Borrowed from Mr. Husband Westside ( very old purchase ) , Striped wide waist belt – ( INR 795 / 304 ) buy it here , Colourful twisted knot headband  – Forever 21 ( INR 300 ) buy it here , White Shoes – Kin’s, S.N. Market ( INR 899 / 750 )

Look # 3 …. Pants – Marks & Spencers ( INR 1,999 ) , Footwear & Sling bag – same as Look # 1

Look # 4 …. Black tights – Forever 21 ( INR 599 ) buy it here , Black kitten heels – Stelatoes ( quite old ) , Black choker necklace – Sarojini Nagar Market ( INR 50 ) , Sling bag – Esbeda ( gifted )

Thank you for reading till the end. :*

Hugs & Smiles ♥♥

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Green on Green : Fashion Forward


First things first, Say hello to the monsoon 🙂

Yes, the most fun time of the year is here. The rainy season finds it’s special place in the hearts of most of the people and I am no exception. To me, everything looks more prettier when it rains and the greenery that Delhi has to offer, becomes the most beautiful sight for the eyes when it pours.


Into each life, some rain must fall. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I think that, anytime of the time year is a good time to wear colours but all those colours look the most alive during this one season of monsoon. So, when I thought of doing an outfit/look where I would welcome the rainy season, a lot of regular bright colours crossed my mind but then, green made a stop.


I had bought this dark green self-checkered top on one of my visits to Janpath market. Reason to buy – richness of the colour ! Pure love ❤

So, while I had decided onto put this top for the look, the other half of the look was still a question mark. Doing it with a regular blue or black jeanswear would have been the normal way out. But, I wanted to do a statement outfit with this top.

In the past, there have been many statement trends such as white-on-white, denim-on-denim, all black, etc. So, I thought of doing a green-on-green keeping in mind, I owned a smart pair of olive-green pants to complete the look.


And I was quite happy with the outcome.

For rest of the elements of the look, I chose to stick to the colour wine. I hope you find the whole look interesting and I would like to know from you if you have ever tried the green-on-green. If not, then do give it a try. There is no harm. 🙂


One of my very dear friend had brought this bag for me, few months ago from the U.S. And, I can’t thank her enough for it as it goes with almost everything that I wear. ❤


How I like my greens ?? With some wine 😉


Style with comfort ❤


Always blabbering :p


Peace & love !

During monsoon, try to ditch the following :

  1. Light colours
  2. Denim wear
  3. Cotton
  4. closed-toe footwear
  5. metal accessories.

Outfit details :

Top – Thrifted (Janpath market) ,  Pants – Dorothy Perkins (  ,  Bag – gifted , Footwear – Westside buy it here

Thank you for reading 🙂

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1 Jumpsuit : 2 Ways


the very versatile jumpsuit

Hello my dear readers, first of all I am so grateful to you all for reading my first blog post and appreciating my work. You guys are the sweetest :* . I hope that your love for me and fashion keeps growing.

Now today’s post is about, how you can style that one piece of clothing a.k.a. “jumpsuit” that lies in your closet in two totally different ways. You wouldn’t go on reading this article if you are born real rich or you make enough money for yourself to not repeat an outfit that your wear once. But honestly, not a lot of us are that fortunate and which means that “we repeat”. But, that’s not a big deal ! However, what really matters is how you do it.

I had bought this pinstriped tie-knot detail jumpsuit online (at a 50% off ;)) a couple of months ago. At first, I had thought of it as a casual day-out with friends ensemble. But then few days later I realized that, I can carry if off as a semi-formal work meet outfit as well. So, I have created the two looks for you to see.

Here is the look # 1 : semi-formal look for your work-meetings


I tried to keep it simple yet classy with beige toned bag and pumps.


Added the colour pop via my plum toned lipstick.


I look lost here but, definitely in the right direction. 🙂


the bag doing it’s magic!


The reason I had bought this jumpsuit – the cutesy tie-knot details around the waist and on the sleeves. Love ❤


This look wouldn’t have been possible without these under my feet.


“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” – Lauren Hutton. Choose wisely 😉

Here comes look # 2 : the casual look for your day-out with friends, your holiday travels, your shopping outs, or you just wandering around your city/town


In order to make the otherwise long bottom part of the jumpsuit more functional for the casual outings, I simply rolled it up.


Rolling up the bottoms not only gives the whole look a relaxed feel but also makes it easier for you to hop around.


For this look, I let the bohemian earings do the pop and switched to nude lips.


Silver accent is the key baby!


I love this bag for it’s colour, the amount of things it can suck in and it’s uber cool vibe.


I bought this pair almost a year ago and I have worn them sufficient no. of times to declare them as my “sasta, sundar, tikau” footwear. It goes with whites, blacks and anything that has even a slight silver accent.


Having my happy moment ! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I want you guys to always remember that Fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it.

Outfit details :

Jumpsuit – buy it here , Beige bag – Allen Solly , Nude pumps – Reliance Footprint , Silver bag – Stelatoes ,  Silver shoes – G.K. market , Bohemian earings – Global Desi

Keep it simple, keep it stylish.

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Hola ! The Cape Shawl

That's me.

Welcome to my blog.

They say that, it’s better late than never. And that is the reason why I decided to finally answer the call of my heart. Doing fashion on a day to day basis is what makes my day. Most of the people love dressing up and like to look presentable. But, a lot of them find it a little tricky to do it the right way. So, here I am presenting This-Shade-That-Colour to you wherein, I will be contributing my personal fashion insights and easy yet chic wearable looks.


The cape shawl completing the look.

I was in Srinagar for a couple of days recently. The temperature reality did not meet the expectations there, as it was not really freezing. But as a precautionary measure, I threw upon this warm cape shawl that I had bought for half it’s original price during the last season sale (it was a loot).


Warm shoes for my forever cold feet please..

Before stopping by Srinagar, we made a week long trip to ladakh this month and this pair of shoe was my companion. They are waterproof and extra warm (my feet said thanx). I switched to blue laces to add colour and some more life to the footwear which was otherwise in grey.

P.s. – I had bought two more vibrant colours for the laces yellow & green 😉 . Colours make me happy.


Pink & Purr..

Now, this t-shirt is on my currently loving list because of two reasons – one being the right amount of pink and the other being the right amount of quirkiness. Instant love ❤


Always chose to stand out.

I firmly believe in the saying that goes like – Why fit in when you can stand out. And that is what my personal style revolves around. After all clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them – Marc Jacobs.


See you until next time

I want to thank you for taking out time and reading my post. I hope you enjoyed my first look and would really appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Outfit details :

Cape shawl – AND ,  Top – Tantra buy it here ,  Jeans – ONLY buy it here ,  Shoes – Decathlon buy it here , Sunglasses – H&M

Peace & love.

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